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Tournament Showdown – Movie Comedies (First Round – VOTE NOW)

In case you missed the original reason behind this tournament, click here.

It’s Round One to determine the funniest movie of all-time* and your votes will help determine a winner.  So take a few seconds to look over the matchups and vote for your choice in each to advance to the second round.  Voting for the top half of the bracket is open until noon Sunday (est), with voting for the bottom half of the bracket to be opened immediately after.

(* – remember these were based on Bravo’s terrible list of greatest comedies, not mine.  Yep, that’s gonna be my excuse if you hate the results.  I wonder what else I can blame on Bravo?)


(1) Animal House vs. (64) Anchorman

MY VOTE:  Animal House – Belushi and Co. is a classic that set the bar for comedies for the subsequent years.  Anchorman gives the #1 seed a run for its money. It is a funny movie with great quotable lines, but honestly, I didn’t like it the first time I saw it.  Whereas, I still remember being 13 years old and seeing it for the first time and laughing at all the shenanigans of Delta Tau Chi and their double secret probation.

(32) What About Bob? vs. (33) Sixteen Candles

MY VOTE:  What About Bob? – this was a no-brainer.  Is Sixteen Candles even a real comedy?  WAB can take baby steps into the second round.

(16) Big vs. (49) Trading Places

MY VOTE:  Trading Places – the first upset of the tournament in the battle of the 80’s movies.  This was only Eddie Murphy’s second movie ever (48 Hrs.), and he was such a natural at comedy back then.  Big can hold its own and was definitely the apex of Tom Hanks’ comedic career, but a real comedy winner needs to make you laugh the whole way through and not have a touching final scene where the man becomes a boy again.

(17) Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure vs. (48) City Slickers

MY VOTE:  Bill & Ted’s – an easy victory for Wyld Stallyns.  Plus Jack Palance kind of creeped me out in Slickers.

(8) Blazing Saddles vs. (57) Clueless

MY VOTE: Blazing Saddles – can a movie that’s a borderline chick flick really be considered a great comedy? Plus it’s hard to compete with Mel Brooks in the 70s and 80s.

(25) Beetlejuice vs. (40) Bull Durham

MY VOTE: Beetlejuice – very close matchup here. Bull Durham has some funny moments and is arguably one of the greatest sports movies of all-time, but it’s downfall in the comedy department is that it’s almost back-shadowed by a love story. Beetlejuice has shrunken head guy in the waiting room. Gotta love that.

(9) PeeWee’s Big Adventure vs. (56) Slapshot

MY VOTE: PeeWee’s Big Adventure – the Hanson brothers and their hockey sticks are no match for Pee Wee and his bike. Paging Mr. Herman, Mr. Herman, you have a telephone call at the second round.

(24) Clerks vs. (41) Young Frankenstein

MY VOTE: Young Frankenstein – I may start a riot here among Kevin Smith fans, but I’m not as big a fan of Clerks compared to his other films. I think his movies got increasingly better after this one (well up until he did Jersey Girl, then it all went downhill. YF is an instant classic and although seeded low, could go be a George Mason-esque sleeper.

(5) Airplane! vs. (60) Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

MY VOTE: Airplane! – the only thing making this remotely close is Neil Patrick Harris, but really, he’s no match for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Plus, I’d much rather eat the poisonous fish instead of 30 White Castle burgers, let alone one White Castle burger.

(28) Best in Show vs. (37) National Lampoon’s Vacation

MY VOTE: Best in Show – very tough match here with lots of back and forth laughs. Ultimately, it came down to three things: 1) I think regular Vacation is behind European and Christmas on the Griswald scale, 2) just about everyone from this movie guest starred on Arrested Development and 3) Beverly D’angelo frightens me now.

(12) Fast Times at Ridgemont High vs. (53) Half-Baked

MY VOTE: Half-Baked – the biggest upset so far in the first round, but a no-brainer for me. Never was a big fan of Fast Times (sans the pool scene). H-B had me laughing the whole way through whereas I can’t recall a single funny moment from its opponent off the top of my head.

(21) 40 Year Old Virgin vs. (44) When Harry Met Sally

MY VOTE: 40 Year Old Virgin – KELLY CLARKSON!!! Ok, that was funny, who would scream that while getting waxed?!? Steve Carrell before he became one-dimensional, plus great supporting cast of Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Jane Lynch before their careers took off. I don’t remember much about Harry/Sally except for the diner scene.

(4) South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut vs. (61) Happy Gilmore

MY VOTE: South Park – wow, what a tough first round match for both. It’s hard to knock Happy out of the first round, but South Park was so bold and daring for an animation comedy ten years ago and still to this day is absolutely hysterical. I’m flip-flopping in my head as I write this but ultimately, I’ll give the edge to the movie which actually had an Oscar nomination (“Blame Canada”).

(29) Mrs. Doubtfire vs. (36) The Princess Bride

MY VOTE: Mrs. Doubtfire – helllllllooooooo! Another really close call to make, as both movies have held up very well over the years (they’re 16 and 22 years old, respectively). In the end, just when Princess Bride looked to win, Doubtfire nails it with a run-by fruiting for the victory.

(13) Old School vs. (52) Three Amigos

MY VOTE: Old School – “once it hits your lips, it’s so good.” This is actually an intriguing matchup with the Ferrell/Vaughn/Wilson and Chase/Martin/Short teams. But I’ll take Frank the Tank over the Infamous El Guapo in a close call.

(20) Legally Blonde vs. (45) Office Space

MY VOTE: Office Space – yeahhhhh, this one wasn’t in much doubt, yeahhhhh. I’m gonna need Reese Witherspoon to move her movie to a different tournament.  Another brilliant ranking job by Bravo!

BOTTOM HALF OF THE BRACKET – voting coming soon

(6) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective vs. (59) Father of the Bride
(27) Dodgeball vs. (38) Meet the Parents
(11) Napolean Dynamite vs. (54) Zoolander
(22) The Big Lebowski vs. (43) Police Academy Series

(3) There’s Something About Mary vs. (62) School of Rock
(30) Monty Python & the Holy Grail vs. (35) American Pie
(14) Stripes vs. (51) Ghostbusters
(19) Wayne’s World vs. (46) Dazed & Confused

(7) The Wedding Singer vs. (58) Revenge of the Nerds
(26) Good Morning Vietnam vs. (39) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
(10) Naked Gun Series vs. (55) Team America: World Police
(23) Groundhog Day vs. (42) Swingers

(2) Caddyshack vs. (63) The Birdcage
(31) Austin Powers vs. (34) Raising Arizona
(15) Wedding Crashers vs. (50) Dumb & Dumber
(18) Meet the Fockers vs. (47) King Pin

11 Responses

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  2. what a sham of a 64 best comedies
    as espn would say cmon’ man
    dumb and dumber is the greatest comedy ever
    you don’t even have it on your list
    you are weak when it comes to movies

    • D&D is on the list, it’s ranked #50, in the bottom half of the bracket. tough first round match though.

      Again, this is based on Bravo’s list…yell at them. When this is over, I’ll put together a real list including those that were left off their top 100.

  3. ah ha i see my bad……
    # 50 dumb and dumber…….i don’t think so
    lets take a pole at least in the top 5 i’ll bet all will say

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