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Tournament Showdown – Movie Comedies (First Round, Part 2 – VOTE NOW)

In case you missed the original reason behind this tournament, click here.

The first half of the first round voting is over, with a few upsets in the making (at least seed-wise). Top-seeded Animal House destroyed Anchorman in a battle I thought would be much closer, but #4 seed South Park was the round’s biggest upset loser falling to the big bomber Happy Gilmore. Other favorites falling early were #16 Big and #20 Legally Blonde, which lost by the biggest margin 92% to 8% of the vote to Office Space. As for my picks, I went 11-5 in predicting the winners, which is pretty much right on par with how well I pick the first round of March Madness.  Although I am sad to see Young Frankenstein bow out in the first round, I had high hopes for that to make it far.

So now it’s time for the second half of Round One to pick the funniest movie of all-time* and again your votes will determine a winner.  Take a few seconds to look over the matchups and vote for your choice in each to advance to the second round.  Voting for the bottom half of the bracket is open until Tuesday night 10pm (est), with voting for the second round to be opened immediately after.

Here’s a quick look at the top half of the bracket first round results…

FIRST ROUND RESULTS (with percentage of overall vote listed after the winner)

(1) Animal House – 74% def. (64) Anchorman
(32) What About Bob? – 72% def. (33) Sixteen Candles
(49) Trading Places – 75% def. (16) Big
(17) Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – 76% def. (48) City Slickers

(8) Blazing Saddles – 72% def. (57) Clueless
(25) Beetlejuice – 60% def. (40) Bull Durham
(9) PeeWee’s Big Adventure – 51% def. (56) Slapshot
(24) Clerks – 65% def. (41) Young Frankenstein

(5) Airplane! – 74% def. (60) Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
(37) National Lampoon’s Vacation – 51% def. (28) Best in Show
(12) Fast Times at Ridgemont High – 54% def. (53) Half-Baked
(21) 40 Year Old Virgin – 87% def. (44) When Harry Met Sally

(61) Happy Gilmore – 63% def. (4) South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
(36) The Princess Bride – 57% def. (29) Mrs. Doubtfire
(13) Old School – 85% def. (52) Three Amigos
(45) Office Space – 92% def. (20) Legally Blonde

If you want to see my take on the top half of the bracket matchups, click here.

And now the bottom half of the bracket…


(6) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective vs. (59) Father of the Bride

MY VOTE: Ace Ventura – pretty easy decision here. Voting against Tone Loc in the first round is always a bad idea. This was Jim Carrey’s first lead role coming off his years on In Living Colour and he did not disappoint. Learning the value of keeping the laces out is still a joke that is used anytime a kicker misses a field goal. Nothing against Steve Martin, FOTB is actually funny, but it’s more cutesy funny than laugh out loud funny.

(27) Dodgeball vs. (38) Meet the Parents

MY VOTE: Meet the Parents – the battle of good Ben Stiller vs. evil Ben Stiller. Actually I think the character of White Goodman in Dodgeball is funnier than Greg Focker (or should we call him Gaylord?), but overall Parents has me laughing from start to finish. Stiller’s acting in as the nervous boyfriend trying to impress his girlfriend’s parents is all too familiar and you can’t help but feel bad for him even as he constantly screws up. Robert DeNiro is equally funny and scary as the intimidating future father-in-law, and even Owen Wilson’s brief time on-screen is classic. Although not to be dismissed, is that it’s very funny to see people getting hit in the face with big red dodgeballs, or a wrench.

(11) Napoleon Dynamite vs. (54) Zoolander

MY VOTE: Zoolander – more Ben Stiller? Sure, why not, who doesn’t love a good gas station gasoline fight? Napoleon Dynamite falls into that same category as Clerks does for me. Movies that are pretty good and funny, but ultimately I just don’t feel as passionate about it as others do. Just like a walk-off baseball, how can you not enjoy a good walk-off in Zoolander? Especially if it features a cameo by the great Billy Zane.

(22) The Big Lebowski vs. (43) Police Academy Series

MY VOTE: The Big Lebowski – not even close. I don’t care if this is an 8-on-1 battle (actually, how many Police Academy movies have there been?) You can take all the funny moments from all of them, and combined it wouldn’t be 1/100th as funny as Lebowski. It’s an easy win for The Dude, so he should easily roll into the second round…as long as it’s not on shomer shabbas. RIP Steve Guttenberg.

(3) There’s Something About Mary vs. (62) School of Rock

MY VOTE: There’s Something About Mary – the fourth Ben Stiller appearance of the bottom half of the bracket after only a brief cameo in the top half (Anchorman). This should be an easier win than the Zoolander match. This was the epic peak of the Farrelly Brothers after coming off the budding success of King Pin and Dumb and Dumber, before they spiraled out of control and started making terrible movie choices (I think there’s a reason why Me, Myself and Irene, Stuck On You, Say It Isn’t So and Fever Pitch all failed to make the Top 100). While School of Rock may ultimately be credited as Jack Black’s coming out party (as well as iCarly herself – sad that I know that), it does not hold up compared to Mary. Not even if you use hair gel to hold it up.

(30) Monty Python & the Holy Grail vs. (35) American Pie

MY VOTE: Monty Python – another real easy one to decide. I’m a little concerned that anyone under the age of 20-25 might not have been exposed to the Monty Python era and only know about Stifler’s antics (also a fear that was proven right in the Clerks/Young Frankenstein match). But having sex with an apple pie is nowhere near as funny as trying to figure out the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow. Now go away American Pie, or I shall taunt you a second time.

(14) Stripes vs. (51) Ghostbusters

MY VOTE: Ghostbusters – if you thought evil vs. good Ben Stiller was a tough matchup, how about Bill Murray and Harold Ramis vs. umm, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis? Crazy seeding process that got these two faced off against each other in the first round. But it’s another no-contest here and another big upset in the making. Even Murray/Ramis aren’t showing up to support Stripes, as they’ve each put on their proton packs for this battle. And yes, I’m absolutely giddy and anticipating the release of GB3 this summer.

(19) Wayne’s World vs. (46) Dazed & Confused

MY VOTE: Wayne’s World – exsqueeze me, baking powder? Funny little matchup here, that I think will be determine by overall personal preference. You either a fan of Wayne and Garth, or you’re not. On the flip side, you’re either a fan of Matthew McConaughey scoping out the high school girls or not. I’m a fan of both, even Ben Affleck’s O’Bannion character, but what it comes down to is that Dazed is more of a period piece and about the music of the era, whereas Wayne’s World is supposed to make you laugh throughout with its zany one-liners, Rob Lowe’s Cantonese and Alice Cooper’s historical explanation of Milwaukee…which is Algonquin for “the good land”

(7) The Wedding Singer vs. (58) Revenge of the Nerds

MY VOTE: The Wedding Singer – up until last night, I would have said the choice between the two would have been close. Unfortunately for the Tri-Lambdas, Wedding Singer was on TV last night and reminded me how funny that movie really was. Also, it frightened me to realize the “I’ll pay you in meatballs” lady is still alive. Nerds is a definite classic and even spawned a couple good sequels, but Wedding Singer just nailed the right combination of comedy and 80s flashbacks, and even made me forget for 90 minutes how much I don’t like Drew Barrymore.

(26) Good Morning Vietnam vs. (39) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

MY VOTE: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – if I can put aside my strong dislike for Drew Barrymore, than I suppose I can do it again for Matthew Broderick. GMV is probably Robin Williams at his funniest, however the funny only last in the first quarter to half of the movie, before it turns more serious bringing the Vietnam War to the forefront. Ferris is one of the cornerstones of 1980s movies and if it wasn’t for Mr. Rooney’s love for little boys (sad, but true), then this movie could have reached legendary classic status. For now, it’ll have to settle for advancing to the second round.

(10) Naked Gun Series vs. (55) Team America: World Police

MY VOTE: Naked Gun – seems kind of unfair to have all three movies in the series, so for this match and all future potential matchups, it’ll just be the original Naked Gun. Either way, this is an easy win for Lt. Frank Drebben and his ongoing shenanigans. Actually you could have put Steel Magnolias against Team America and I still wouldn’t vote for the puppet movie. I know a lot of people found that movie funny, and I’m a big fan of South Park, but I thought it was a terrible movie. Funny story, this movie was so bad, that my buddy Steiny, who was with me in the theater seeing it and who also thought it was terrible, was texting back and forth with me saying things like “this movie sucks” and “I want my seven dollars back.” Seriously, I laughed more about Shelby not being able to drink her juice.

(23) Groundhog Day vs. (42) Swingers

MY VOTE: Groundhog Day – my apologies, for some reason I listed Police Academy twice, but it should be Swingers here instead. Another close call, but there’s just something inherently funny about Groundhog Day. Taking a movie centered an obscure holiday, and telling a story over and over again, works on so many levels. Bill Murray is absolutely brilliant in this, and the montage of him just trying to kill himself a different way each day is hysterical. Not to mention who doesn’t love Ned Ryerson? Swingers is probably the defining movie of my/our generation. I don’t think anyone in college didn’t have a poster of this movie up on their wall. And you can’t go to VEGAS! without uttering at least one quote from here either, but in the end, I’ll choose the infectious Groundhog Day especially since we’re just a few days away from finding out this year’s wintery fate.

(2) Caddyshack vs. (63) The Birdcage

MY VOTE: Caddyshack – I really wanted The Birdcage to have a better run in this tournament, especially with all of its Guatemalan-ness, it’s heat. But Caddyshack is too good, too funny and too memorable to discard in the first round. This is the 30th year since its release and it may still be the most quoted sports movie ever. With Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield all in their prime, it was like the perfect storm of comedians coming together. Basically this matchup can be summarized in two words, “gunga galunga.”

(31) Austin Powers vs. (34) Raising Arizona

MY VOTE: Austin Powers – would saying “yeahhhh baby” be a bit corny here? One of the last matchups of the first round may be pitting two seeds close to one another, but it’s really not even close. Arizona is a decent movie from the Coen brothers, but it’s still years before they found their groove (not until around Fargo). Plus there’s something Nic Cage’s character that irks me throughout. Mike Myers, however, turned the Austin Powers franchise into comedic gold, and basically picked up where Eddie Murphy left off with playing multiple characters to achieve maximum funny. Expect a blowout here.

(15) Wedding Crashers vs. (50) Dumb & Dumber

MY VOTE: Tie – I can’t decide between the two. When the seedings were made and the matchups determined, I was dreading having to pick this one. Both movies are absolutely hysterical. The first hour of Wedding Crashers had me in tears I was laughing so hard, while Dumb & Dumber is just a steady stream of slapstick toilet humor throughout. I love both movies and it saddens me to know that one won’t make it to the next round. So I’m abstaining from voting unless there’s a dead-tie at the end, then I will force to choose, but I’m warning you, this is gonna be a tougher decision then the mom had to make at the end of The Good Son.

(18) Meet the Fockers vs. (47) King Pin

MY VOTE: King Pin – I want to again point out and stress that this list was created by Bravo. As much as I enjoyed Meet the Parents, in no way, shape or form did I find Fockers funny at all. It was a terrible excuse of a movie, and was clearly made for monetary benefits and nothing else. It was essentially what Caddyshack 2 is compared to its original. It’s an embarrassment not just to be on the list, not just to be ranked so high, but also that it’s ranked ahead of Parents. Using the words of the moderator at the end of Billy Madison, Producers, actors and director of Fockers, what you’ve just made is one of the most insanely idiotic movies I have ever seen. At no point in your rambling, incoherent film were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational movie. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having seen it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.” Oh, and King Pin rocks! Don’t pull a Munson and vote against.

Final first round results coming Tuesday. Feel free to weigh in on any matchups, I can be persuaded with compelling arguments. No point shaving here though.

9 Responses

  1. Since I’m 51, I’m leaning toward the older films. Groundhog Day is the best comedy I’ve ever seen, with This is Spinal Tap and Best in Show a close second and third. Thought I’d weigh in. Great blog!

  2. American Pie!!! … yes, I have low standards and an immature sense of humor, but it’s my favorite movie of all-time.


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