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Rewind the DVR – Week of 1/24

Pardon my briefs (actually they’re boxers), but I just endured my first full day of work outside the house in over three years and I’m still in sort of dazed and confused state of mind (minus the drugs).

Here’s what I watched last week with a review of each…

Sunday, January 24th
Whatever Lifetime Movie Was on Opposite of the Saints/Vikings game –it was a touching movie about a woman who was physically abused by her mailman who turned out to be her long lost son who she gave up at birth because she was battling an eating disorder after having to watch her mother die from an infected papercut.  Tragic stuff.  Ok, I was watching Brett Favre end his career again in shame, and his wife Deanna looking as if she was ready to sign the divorce papers if he put her and the rest of America through the retire/not retire ordeal again.  The game was really good, not great as others are quick to call it, but if the Saints don’t win the Super Bowl, this NFC title game will be eventually forgotten.

Here’s what else I watched this week.

Monday, January 25th
24 – I’m having serious doubts here this season.  The Renee storyline is pretty cool and a different dark twist on the series, but everything else is just kind of silly.  The Dana Walsh side story continues to be the show’s downfall.  Seriously, the background checks at CTU are a joke.  I fully expect Ted Kaczynski to be the new analyst next season.  And the tearjerker of the Russian guy who wants to cure his brother by any means necessary is lost on me too.  Also, where was Freddie Prinze last week?  I thought he was a great addition the first four episodes and then he basically faded to the background.  This show needs to pick up the pace a little too, seemed a little slow for episode #5

For those who missed 24 last week check out the highly recommended OCD Chick’s live blog transcript.

One Tree Hill – corny, over the top, yet somehow believable, ok maybe not the plot of a girl’s recently divorced ex-husband showing up for dinner with her sister as his new lover.  Save that drama for the daytime soaps (which I don’t watch…much).  But I do love the acting on this show, especially by James Lafferty and Betthany Joy Galeotti, and they make even terrible goofy storylines watchable.

House – really enjoyable episode with the psychopath young woman who basically was able to manipulate every situation by lying and crafting stories.  I think I dated her a few years ago.  The tension between the patient and Thirteen was really well portrayed and definitely a little on the steamy side.  The other main story of House feeling regret for screwing over a former colleague was alright, but it was a little predictable from the beginning that House hadn’t really ruined his life.

Damages – and now the winner for best show you’re probably not watching right now.  Big fan of the first two seasons and I had high expectations for the Season 3 premiere, and I’m glad to say it did not disappoint.  What I love about this show is how they can cast roles for people you wouldn’t think possible to play them and then you’re amazed at how great they fit.  Case in point, Martin Short as a manipulative ass of a lawyer and Lily Tomlin as potential evil Mrs. Bernie Madoff.  I won’t spoil anything for anyone, but the end of the episode was a great finish and I definitely look forward to seeing how this season’s big mystery and big legal battle unfolds.

Tuesday, January 26th
American Idol (Los Angeles auditions) – here’s my full recap from last week.

Scrubs – can ABC please cancel this show already?  I don’t want to stop recording it, but it’s just not good anymore.  I’m not exactly sure what the point was of having the world doctor come in to challenge Turk, but he came off of as a prick and definitely did not make me like him, which was the exact opposite reaction the writers were going for.  Please, someone take Old Yeller Scrubs out for a long walk.

State of the Union – I don’t discuss politics here, however, can Congress adopt some new legislation about all the standing and clapping?  I mean, if when the Oscars show all the deaths from the past year, they ask us to hold applause to the end.  Couldn’t the SOTU do the same or at least give everyone in attendance an approval meter switch that they can toggle from 0 to 100 to let us know how much they like what is being thrown down?  Wouldn’t that be so much better to see what the liberals and conservatives on average are thinking throughout?

Wednesday, January 27th
American Idol (Dallas auditions) – here’s my full recap.

Leverage – I like how I complained about this show having a lack of continuity and then the past two weeks have been nothing but.  First, Nate’s drinking and now bringing back his relationship with his ex-wife.  Well done.  A bit of a predictable outcome this week figuring out who the real bad guy was, but still a decent episode, although a definite downgrade from last week.

Real World DC – well I asked for more Josh and Erica and I was rewarded.  Or punished, depending on how you look at it.  Josh was portrayed as an absolute prick, first accusing his girlfriend of cheating on him, then going and cheating on her right after she left town.  Erica, uh, well, she’s not a very good singer, but at least she got to perform at the 9:30 Club, so that’s pretty cool.  The rest of the episode was Ty/Emily filler, which is starting to lose my interest (both are borderline psychopaths) and Callie’s sad attempt to find a man.  Just hook up with Andrew!

Thursday, January 28th
Fringe – slow Thursday night for primetime, but at least we got some good Fringe.  Ok episode, but once again, it was another episode that had nothing to do with the pattern.  Have they abandoned that completely?  And where has General Dynamics been the past few episodes?  I’m still on the fence about a potential Peter/Olivia relationship.  I never watched X-Files, but I heard that it ruined the show, and I don’t want that here.

Friday, January 29th

Saturday, January 30th
Saturday Night Live – was looking forward to seeing Jon Hamm host again after his last time, which was pretty funny (Jon Hamm’s john ham was classic).  The sketches were hit or miss, nothing really stood out, except for the increasing fact that Kristen Wiig might need to move on from SNL, as she’s becoming very redundant.  The SNL Digital Short of “Sergio” was pretty funny, but the highlight was definitely the Hamm and Buble skit, featuring a new restaurant with Jon Hamm and Michael Buble that serves pork products and fine champagne.  Check it out here.

Returning to the DVR this week – Family Guy and the much anticipated return of LOST (yay!!!)

Also, if you haven’t voted yet for the second half of the first round for Funniest Movie of All-Time, voting is open until 10pm Tuesday night!

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