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Tournament Showdown – Movie Comedies (Elite Eight – VOTE NOW!)

And then there were eight.

The sweet sixteen voting is over and only eight movies remain in their quest to be called the Funniest Movie of All-Time.  The last round produced some of the closest results as movies like Caddyshack and Naked Gun just barely escaping being upset, while top seed Animal House and #3 seed There’s Something About Mary continue to dominate the competition.  Here’s a recap of the previous round…

SWEET SIXTEEN RESULTS (with percentage of overall vote listed after the winner)

(1) Animal House – 83% def. (49) Trading Places
(8) Blazing Saddles – 66% def. (24) Clerks

(5) Airplane! – 59% def. (21) 40 Year Old Virgin
(13) Old School – 72% def. (61) Happy Gilmore

(38) Meet the Parents – 55% def. (22) The Big Lebowski
(3) There’s Something About Mary – 83% def. (51) Ghostbusters

(10) Naked Gun Series – 52% def. (39) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
(2) Caddyshack – 52% def. (50) Dumb & Dumber

So now it’s time to vote in the Elite Eight for the funniest movie of all-time and again your votes will determine a winner. Take a few seconds to look over the matchups and vote for your choice in each to advance to the sweet sixteen. Voting for this round is open until Friday night 10pm (est), with voting for the final four to be opened immediately afterwards.

Pop the popcorn, turn down the lights and let’s decide together which movies make us laugh the most.

In case you missed the original reason behind this tournament, click here. Or if you want to see my take on previous rounds, check out my posts for the sweet sixteen, second roundthe top half of the first round bracket, and the bottom half of the first round bracket.

And now the next round…


(1) Animal House vs. (8) Blazing Saddles

MY VOTE: Animal House – I’m just glad that Clerks has finally been defeated.  This is probably the easiest matchup for Animal House so far of this tournament after having already defeated Anchorman, What About Bob and Trading Places.

(5) Airplane! vs. (13) Old School

MY VOTE: Airplane! – Tough call here as I laugh all the way through both movies, and both have lost of memorable quotes.  Basically it came down to the one-on-one matchup of Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s role in Airplane versus the lead whiny chick from Grey’s Anatomy as Luke Wilson’s love interest in Old School. When you break it down like that, it’s a no-brainer, the Grey’s girl can’t hold her own on a basketball court against Kareem.

(3) There’s Something About Mary vs. (38) Meet the Parents

MY VOTE: There’s Something About Mary – another Ben Stiller vs. Ben Stiller matchup in the tournament.  Ironically in both movies, Stiller has issues with a house pet; Puffy the dog that gets electric shocked and goes flying out the window of the apartment in Mary and Jinx the cat who he lets out of the house and then causes a big electrical fire when chasing after it.  I’ll give the edge to Mary based on Matt Dillon’s Mongo monologue (“Those goofy bastards are about the best thing I’ve got going”) being slightly funnier than Robert DeNiro’s poem to his dead mother (“My mother, you gave me life, you gave me milk,  you gave me courage. Your name was Angela”).

(2) Caddyshack vs. (10) Naked Gun

MY VOTE: Naked Gun – I thought this would be a no-brainer for Caddyshack, but then the more I thought about it, the more I decided that if I could only watch one movie again, I’d take Lt. Frank Drebben over Carl Spackler.  Plus Reggie Jackson trying to kill the queen is more legendary than Sid Ceaser getting killed by lightning.

Happy voting!

4 Responses

  1. Caddyshack is a great movie, but Naked Gun is better as a pure funny movie.

  2. If your ramblings cost Caddyshack and/or Blazing Saddles, I will be as upset as one possibly can be at a non-scientific poll based on a faulty list of funny movies EVER.

  3. Dumb and Dumber is the funniest movie ever made….
    It just went up against the funniest sport (if ya call golf a sport) movie ever made.

  4. […] here. Or if you want to see my take on previous rounds, check out my posts for the final four, elite eight, sweet sixteen, second round, the top half of the first round bracket, and the bottom half of the […]

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