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This…Is American Idol…Blog (Top 24 Revealed)

In case you missed last night’s recap, where Idol was cruel enough to make me watch for two hours and only getting to find out 7 out of the 24 who made it through.

So tonight, we’ll either learn who the last 17 finalists are, or they’ll use the hour-long show to reveal only one more finalists and then we’ll have to tune in another 16 nights to learn the rest.

Here’s who is has already been told they’re about to be famous beginning next week…

1. Michael Lynche (although maybe for the wrong reasons)
2. Casey James
3. Aaron Kelly
4. Lee Dewyze
5. Toderick Hall
(7 guy spots remain)

1. Didi Benami
2. Katelyn Epperly
(10 girl spots remain)

Unfortunately, the only people who are for sure not making the Top 24 are Shelby Dressel and Jessica “I just threw the worst temper tantrum on national TV when I got the bad news and am now very off-putting for future auditions and for men to date me” Furney.

Before the next spots are filled, here’s a look back to my power rankings thru last night, which are sure to change after tonight…

POWER RANKINGS (thru last night)
1. Crystal Bowersox
2. Andrew Garcia
3. Didi Benami
4. Katie Stevens
5. Ashley Rodriguez
6. Lee Dewyze
7. Janell Wheeler
8. Michael Lynche
9. Haeley Vaughn
10. Casey James
11. Katelyn Epperly
12. Mallorie Haley*
13. Tyler Grady
14. John Park
15. Siobhan Magnus
16. Alex Lambert
17. Thaddeus Johnson
18. Toderick Hall
19. Lily Scott
20. Aaron Kelly
21. Tori Kelly
22. Jeff Goldford
23. Tim Urban
24. Chris Golightly

37 contestants are still waiting to learn their fate, so here we go….

Janell Wheeler (ranked #7) – “I like her,” says Maggie.  That makes me feel better for rooting for her.  Her final performance was about as awful as that gold shiny shirt she was wearing, but if she just takes off the shirt, I’m confident she’s good to go (that’s came out wrong).  And the judges say…TOP 24!!! (9 girl spots left)

Tyler Grady (ranked #13) – also known as the guy who broke both his wrists before his original audition.  “Why is Shaun White on Idol?” asks my buddy Steiny.   He’s got a point.  Looks like NBC was desperate for viewers that they’re overlapping with the #1 show on TV.  And the judges say…TOP 24!!! (6 guy spots remain)

They need to give these finalists something to indicate that they’re either in or out when they come back out through the door…it’s kind of this weird climatic scene that’s not light on the climaxing.

Lacey Brown (NR) – made it this far last year before losing in a sing-off to the birdwoman Megan Joy Corkrey.  I wonder if there will be a sing-off again this year, or maybe a rock-paper-scissors tournament.  And the judges say…TOP 24!!! (8 girl spots remain)  “I like her haircut,” says Maggie.  That’s exactly the reasoning Simon used to put Lacey through.

And now we get a really stupid part of the show, where Seacrest tells us the good news of the next 3 contestants

Ashley Rodriguez (ranked #5), Alex Lambert (ranked #16) and Joe Munoz (NR) – not sure why they needed to speed this up, considering they haven’t rejected anyone tonight.  Maybe do a great montage of rejects, and let us see some more of these contestants.  On a proud note, I nailed my Joe Munoz prediction from last night (“every year Idol always puts through a latino guy without giving us much, if any, background or performance time on him) (7 girl and 4 guy spots remain)

Crystal Bowersox (ranked #1) – I quit watching if she doesn’t make it through.  This girl is just insanely likeable – especially when she mistakenly says she’s excited to perform in front of 3 million TV viewers each week (only off by about 27-30 million viewers).  More importantly, the judges say…TOP 24!!! (6 girl spots remain)

Back from commercial, and Seacrest is recapping those who have been given the good news tonight….HOLY CRAP…Idol just messed up!!!  I had to go back and slow down the DVR, but they most definitely showed Siobhan Magnus and Lily Scott celebrating after coming out the door.  Wow, poor production Idol, what a big gaffe!!!

Katie Stevens (ranked #4) – I’m a little nervous since Idol hinted last night that there would be a shocker of an elimination, and it can’t be Andrew Garcia, so hopefully it’s not Katie.  And the judges say…TOP 24!!! (5 girl spots remain)

Uh, is Idol going to tell anyone bad news tonight?

Ask, and ye shall receive, as J.B. Ahufa, Maddie Penrose, Jareb Liewer, Nicci Nix (all NR) all get the boot. I’m not sure what’s sadder, that they didn’t make the Top 24, or that I knew their names right away without Idol telling me who they were.  They did show a couple of girls who didn’t make it through, but I don’t recognize them.

Angela Martin (NR) – I keep forgetting about her, which is surprising given her sad story.  She tried out two years ago, and then her father died, she tried out last year and then had to go to jail.  And she has a daughter with cystic fibrosis I believe.  Also she was on Oceanic flight 815, so really she’s doomed for life.  Hopefully she makes it through, as the judges say…OUT! Wow, that was sad, and I think Kara handled that like a true professional there breaking the bad news.  That was really sad, even BIFF’s crying because of it..or because Lucie ate the last Beggin Strip.

Maybe Angela was the shocking elimination?  Not sure if that counts since she’s already been eliminated twice before.

Lily Scott (ranked #19) – well based on what I saw earlier, I’m not feeling any drama here.  And the judges and my slo-mo DVR say…TOP 24!!! (4 girl spots remain)  Afterwards she skips down Hollywood Boulevard and based on what she was wearing, she may have been approached by “lonely men” several times.

Ok, and now Idol does it again and decides to hit the fast forward button and quickly tell us who else is moving on…

Paige Miles (NR) – WHO?!?!  I don’t recognize the name or the face.  Ladies and gentleman, your 24th place finisher!!!

Siobhan Magnus (ranked #15) – DVR doesn’t lie.  Glad she made it, curious to hear more of her.

Michelle Delamor (NR) – I have a feeling we’ll be seeing less of Delamor once next week starts.

Jermaine Sellers (NR) – thought he was doomed after his obnoxious comments to the house band.

John Park (ranked #14) – remember the Asian guy that made the Top 24 several years ago and didn’t wear shoes when he performed?  Neither does anyone else.  Hopefully John does better.

So, they’re going to commercial and all that’s left for grabs, by my calculations, are 2 guy spots and 1 girl spot. Assuming Andrew Garcia is a lock for a spot, that only leaves one guy (no clue who it could be) and I’m thinking it’s going to be Haeley Vaughn for that last female spot.

Tori Kelly (ranked #21) and Haeley Vaughn (ranked #9) – apparently they’re the last two girls remaining (we’ll never know who else didn’t make it – thanks Idol!).  Tori, who looks like every girl I went to high school with, got a lot better as the show progressed, but I think Haeley is too unique to pass up.  And the judges say…TOP 24!!! I mean, HAELEY VAUGHN!!! Poor Tori, although should one of the Top 12 girls reveal an Adam’s apple over the next week, I’m sure she’ll be first alternate.

So before the final commercial, they say the final guy spot comes down to Andrew Garcia and Thaddeus Johnson. Uhhh, I have two open guy spots left in my book.  So either I’ve been drinking heavily tonight, or Paula Abdul’s in charge of production of tonight’s episode.

Thaddeus Johnson (ranked #17) – and Simon pulls off the bandage right away and tells Thaddeus he didn’t make it (or will he make it when Michael gets kicked off?).  Very sad to see him go, you forget until he’s reacting with the tears that he’s only 17-years old, but I think we’ll see him again next year (or next week?)

Andrew Garcia (ranked #2) – way to end on a cliffhanger.  In the biggest no-brainer of the night, Andrew gets the last spot, even though I still only count to 11.  Oh yeah…TOP 24!!!

Ok, so I’m so very confused, and to confirm that I’m not a lunatic, when Seacrest is standing on the stage with the Top 24, Chris Golighty (who they didn’t mention at all), is standing up there.  Ironically, I had Chris ranked #24, whoa, creepy!

WAIT….now when they show all the Top 24 dancing, they don’t show Chris, but instead they show Tim Urban (ranked #23)?!?!?!  What the heck is going on here???  Plus they said Big Mike IS going to be performing next week.  My brain hurts.

Well, here’s my prediction for Top 12 Girls and Top 12 Guys, although subject to change since Idol keeps changing things too.

1. Crystal Bowersox
2. Didi Benami
3. Katie Stevens
4. Ashley Rodriguez
5. Janell Wheeler
6. Haeley Vaughn
7. Katelyn Epperly
8. Siobhan Magnus
9. Lily Scott
10. Lacey Brown
11. Michelle Delamor
12. What’s Her Face (Paige Miles)

1. Andrew Garcia
2. Lee Dewyze
3. Michael Lynche
4. Casey James
5. Tyler Grady
6. John Park
7. Alex Lambert
8. Toderick Hall
9. Aaron Kelly
10. Tim Urban
11. Jermaine Sellers
12. Joe Munoz

Crystal Bowersox, Didi Benami, Haeley Vaughn, Katie Stevens, Janell Wheeler, Michelle Delamor, Andrew Garcia, Alex Lambert, Tyler Grady, Michael Lynche, Casey James and Lee Dewyze

One Response

  1. here is my top 5 jarrett. and i’m shocked that my top 3 are guys.

    1. tyler grady- i know, i know, it is doubtful america will embrace his awkwardness, but i think he has the confidence to make magic happen.

    2. andrew garcia- idol loves a story. he has a great one.

    3. casey james- ladies will love him. his voice seems effortless. may have a hard time stretching.

    4. crystal bowersox- she will get al the other contestants stoned and has a unique voice/presence. pretty cool she is missing a tooth also.

    5. siobhan magnus- she has no real shot, but i like her style.

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