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This…Is American Idol…Blog (Top 8 Guys Perform)

It can’t be a good sign that I’m actually dreading watching the guys sing tonight.  Unfortunately for Idol, they suffer from the curse of 3.   The worst seasons of Idol have always been when the male talent pool is weak which coincidentally has been multiples of three.  Season 3 had George Huff, John Stevens, Matt Rodgers and Jon Peter Lewis as the final guys in the 12.  Now all four of them can be seen nightly at the Marriott off Route 17 in Paramus, New Jersey.  Season 6 gave us Blake Lewis, Chris Richardson, Phil Stacey, Chris Sligh, Brandon Rogers and lest we forget, the one they call Sanjaya!!

So here we are in Season 9 and after two weeks the guys have been very underwhelming.  Even early front-runner Andrew Garcia is evoking shades of some sort of combination of overrated sports busts, Kwame Brown, Todd Van Poppell and Ryan Leaf.  The best male singer to date, Lee Dewyze might not even crack the Top 5 overall when you factor in the girls this year.

But as long as none of the guys sing something as dreary as Paige Miles’ performance last night, I’m going to remain optimistic and hope for the best, even if I am expecting the worst.

Here’s how I have the guys ranked…

MALE POWER RANKINGS (thru last week)
1. Lee Dewyze
2. Andrew Garcia
3. Casey James
4. Alex Lambert
5. Michael Lynche
6. Toderick Hall
7. Aaron Kelly
8. Tim Urban

Once again, everything is rushed tonight trying to cram 8 guys into one hour. Sounds like a day in the life of Jenna Jameson. Zing!

Seacrest walks by the guys one by one and couldn’t be happier that he’s taller than half of them this year. My guess is another Idol conspiracy is in the works, as they’ll vote off the tall guys this year just to appease Seacrest.

Lee Dewyze – “Fireflies” by Owl City – oh boy, it’s going to be hard to remain optimistic when the best male to date comes out and sings just a really bland song choice. It wasn’t terrible, but it was easily MC Scat Cat’s two steps back after Paula’s two steps forwards the past two weeks. I’m downgrading my optimism to “cautiously optimistic”

Seeing Luke Wilson promote March Madness thru AT&T is making me have doubts about filling out any brackets this year.

Alex Lambert – “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne – absolutely perfect song choice, that’s exactly who Alex sounds like and that’s a great place to be. It could have been the “wow” moment that propelled him to the top as a potential frontrunner, but the judges nailed it on the head, he’s still very raw and uncomfortable on the stage. If nothing else, keep an eye on this kid, if he ever figures out stage presence, he could be a threat. But in the meantime, just listen to some Ray LaMontagne, because he’s that good.

Tim Urban – “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley – More controversy!!! Idol producers are doing it again. Last night, they made Paige and Lacey the only two girls to have to sing after someone else, whereas the other 6 girls got to sing after a commercial without anyone else before the next commercial. Now they’re doing the same with Tim here. I’m guessing they’ll do it with Aaron or Toderick too. As for the performance, actually started out really well, but once he hit the chorus, he started to lose his way a bit and struggled to hit the big notes. Apparently the judges and I differ again as they all loved him. Ellen even switched teams for a few seconds to go and hug him. I don’t know, I just feel like when that song is performed it needs some more emotion and passion, and I didn’t get that from son of Lincoln Burrows.

Preview for “Remember Me” – combines an actor from Maggie’s favorite book (Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson) and an actress from Maggie’s favorite TV show (Claire from Lost). Needless to say, I may be dragged to go see that. Someone please save me!

And now a preview for “The Cutting Edge 4” – which bodes the questions, when was there a Cutting Edge 2 and 3?

Andrew Garcia – “Genie In a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera – dang, was hoping for a different song. Um, this was terrible. I did not get any of that at all. It was almost a monotone performance except instead of a dreary note, it was one high note until the very end. Actually in a post-song interview, the Genie said he was rubbed the wrong way and now is really pissed off. Simon said it best, this was a very desperate performance, trying to recreate the magic he had in Hollywood Week, but it was borderline obnoxious. I think it’s fair, and equally surprising, to say that Andrew may go home.

“Iron Man 2” – looks sick from the preview!

Casey James – “You’ll Think of Me” by Keith Urban – I don’t know if he’s nervous, but his voice has been shaking a lot the past few weeks. It wasn’t too bad, but pales in comparison to Keith Urban’s version. I’m sure this was better than if Tim Urban sang it, but it really doesn’t matter what Casey sang this week or if he just came out and picked his nose for 2 minutes, he’d still get a million phone calls from Maggie. Speaking of which, I need to go change our cell phone plan.

Aaron Kelly – “I’m Already There” by Lonestar – this sounded like me doing karaoke after eating 12 burritos. What was up with uncomfortable rocking back and forth and awkward head bobbing during the performance? By the way, Simon is a complete hypocrite for saying to Kara that it didn’t matter that this was a 16 year old kid singing a song about a grown married man calling home to check on his kids. How many times has Simon bashed a contestant for singing something they were too young for? Simon really has checked out this year.

Uhhhh, Bo Bice doing Moe’s Southwest Grill commercials??? Move over Kris Allen, there’s a new homeless Idol star desperate for cash!

Toderick Hall – “Somebody To Love” by Queen – That was different. Interesting way to put an R&B twist on a classic song like that. It could have been a little more powerful and I was sad to not hear the big powerful note at the end. Go back and listen to original with Freddy Mercury, when he hits that note at the end, it’s got to give you chills. But that being said, surprisingly good job by Toderick and he can said he didn’t make Freddy roll over in his grave with that performance.

And a strong counterattack by Kris Allen with a new Ford commercial showing him looking for the cheapest gas station available. I’m very excited to see the Constantine Maroulis Preparation-H commercials.

Michael Lynche “This Woman’s Work” by Maxwell – outside of me being bothered by him wearing sneakers (weird choice to go with the outfit) and not really knowing the song, great way to close the night! Even had some chills. I’m not crying or bawling like Kara is, or at all, but that was magnificent. Two great weeks in a row for Michael is giving me hopes for the guys.

MY BOTTOM THREE – Andrew Garcia, Aaron Kelly, Lee Dewyze
MY PREDICTION FOR AMERICA’S BOTTOM THREE – I have no clue!!! I’m gonna guess Tim Urban, Alex Lambert and Toderick Hall
GOING HOME – Alex Lambert and Toderick Hall (I hope I’m wrong)

NEW MALE POWER RANKINGS (last week’s ranking in parenthesis)
1. Lee Dewyze (1)
2. Michael Lynche (5)
3. Alex Lambert (4)
4. Andrew Garcia (2)
5. Casey James (3)
6. Toderick Hall (6)
7. Aaron Kelly (7)
8. Tim Urban (8)

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