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    • SNL just blew the opening Charlie Sheen skit. Going to bed instead of watching this unfunny show. #winning 9 years ago
    • Best idea I've heard so far this week - have Charlie Sheen host next year's Oscars. Highest ratings ever! 9 years ago
    • I still can't believe that Kathryn Bigelow directed Point Break. I am an EFF-BEE-EYE agent. #oscars 9 years ago
    • Wow, first the Globes and now the Oscars fail to recognize Corey Haim. Feldman's gonna be pissed. 9 years ago
    • After loss to #knicks, Miami Heat now 14-15 against teams with a .500 record or better #justsayin 9 years ago

Fischer’s Friday Five

Happy New Year!  I hope your New Year started off the way my did this morning with my wife saying to me when she woke up, “there goes my New Year’s resolution of not wetting the bed anymore.” Yep, welcome to 2011, and yes, for those who don’t know Maggie, she was only kidding around…I say that with about 70% certainty.

2010 was a tremendous year, started a new job, took in a couple of brother-in-laws to live with us, got to MC not one, but three Newlywed-style game shows, went on my first cruise and even landed a guest starring role on the new CW drama Hellcats. Ok, fine, I lied, I only MC’d two game shows.  I also started (and abandoned) this blog last year, which was a huge personal accomplishment, probably right up there with the night I farted on both Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher (true story – plus they both deserved it).

Careful, you might get sap on you!

If my math is correct, yesterday marked my 39th consecutive missed weekly edition of the Fischer’s Friday Five, which now stands as the most impressive streak with Brett Favre finally missing a game and the UCONN women’s team losing to Stanford, although to be fair they still have won I think 102 straight games in a row against teams that don’t have some weird tree for a mascot.

So my gift to you, in lieu of those missed weeks, here are 39 Top Five’s, all tailored to the Best and Worst of 2010, and done in lightning round fashion, because do you honestly want to read 39 long columns in a row?  I don’t think anyone wants to sit on the toilet that long either, unless your Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon 2 in which case you probably don’t have much of a choice.


Top 5 Movies of 2010
5. The Town – good, but Heat was much better.
4. Hot Tub Time Machine – Billy Zabka cameo, need I say more?
3. True Grit – solid remake of the original.
2. Black Swan – creepy and dark, glad I didn’t see right before bed.
1. Inception – quite possibly my favorite movie of all-time!

Top 5 Worst Movies of 2010
5. The Expendables – car accident on highway bad
4. The Bounty Hunter – when will Jennifer Aniston get it right
3. Shutter Island – already covered here
2. Valentine’s Day – do I need to say anything?
1. When In Rome – four words; Danny Devito Sausage King

Top 5 Movies From 2009 That I Finally Saw in 2010
5. 2012 – I’m a sucker for movies like that (Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow)
4. Up – loved the first half, trailed off a bit towards the end
3. Zombieland – Bill Murray’s cameo makes the entire flick
2. Law Abiding Citizen – not sure why, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one
1. (500) Days of Summer – how much does French Stewart hate that he wasn’t the successful brother from Third Rock From the Sun?

Top 5 New TV Shows of 2010
5. Top Chef: All Stars – ok I’m cheating here, but there’s not much new stuff I watched this year
4. Pawn Stars – the Old Man makes the show
3. Justified – another gem on F/X
2. Boardwalk Empire – could be ranked #1, but I’m only 8 episodes in; might name first child Nucky.
1. The Walking Dead – if for no other reason then how incredibly real the zombies look

Top 5 New TV Shows of 2010 That I Wish Would Just Go Away
5. Parenthood – I actually like this show, but I’m about 10 episodes behind and it’s just clogging up my DVR
4. Mike & Molly – a comedy about fat people, awesome, that hasn’t been done before
3. The Defenders – can Jim Belushi trade places with his brother?
2. Rizzoli & Isles – alternate title; Don’t Care & Not Interested
1. Outsourced – can’t this show be outsourced to anywhere else?

Top 5 TV Shows That I’m Sad To Say Goodbye To In 2010
5. Flash Forward – I guess ABC won’t keep a show on with only 5 people watching it (RIP Eli Stone too)
4. Nip/Tuck – one good season, four ridiculous seasons, but made for good background noise
3. The Hasslehoffs – didn’t see the one episode that aired, but I’m sure it was a good train wreck fun time.
2. 24 – unless there’s a movie to be made?
1. Lost – one of the greatest of all-time, I was satisfied with the ending when most weren’t

Top 5 Sport Games of 2010
5. Butler vs. Duke (NCAA Championship)
4. New York Knicks vs. Boston Celtics (regular season, 12/15/10)
3. Washington Nationals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Strausberg’s MLB Debut, 6/8/10)
2. New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts (Super Bowl XLIV)
1. USA vs. Algeria (World Cup)

Top 5 Best Individual Sports Moment
5. Jonathan Byrd’s Walk-Off Hole In One Win (Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital Open)
4. Broderick Brown (Oklahoma State) tipping an out-of-bounds pass to a teammate for an incredible interception
3. Mark Buerhle’s Opening Day Kick and Toss
2. Landon Donovan’s Game-Winning Goal vs. Algeria
1. Stephen Strausberg’s Debut (7 IPs, 14 Ks, 0 BBs)

Top 5 Restaurant I Ate At For The First Time
5. Shanghai Lilly (Las Vegas, NV)
4. Tre Dici (New York, NY)
3. Kumo Sushi (Herndon, VA)
2. Bern’s Steakhouse (Tampa, FL)
1. Volt (Frederick, MD)

Top 5 Books I Read in 2010
5. Consent to Kill – Vince Flynn
4. Act of Treason – Vince Flynn
3. Protect and Defend – Vince Flynn
2. Everybody Poops – Amanda Meyer Stinchecum (only read 3 books last year)
1. Victoria’s Secret Catalog – US Mail (fantastic story beginning to end)

Top 5 Celebrity Deaths of 2010 (the one’s I got points for – I’ll explain later)
5. James Gammon (manager from Major League)
4. Elizabeth Edwards (sad)
3. George Steinbrenner (choked on a calzone)
2. Simon Monjack (karma)
1. Gary Coleman (whatchu talkin about Mr. Drummond)

Top 5 Concerts/Shows I Attended in 2010
5. Don Alexander – Royal Caribbean
4. Alice In Chains – Patriot Center
3. Pee Wee Herman – Stephen Sondheim Theater, New York City
2. Prince – Madison Square Garden
1. Dave Matthews Band – Nationals Stadium

Top 5 Vacations Taken In 2010
5. Budapest (ok, only Maggie went, but the pictures looked lovely)
4. Orlando (best friend’s engagement party)
3. Las Vegas (annual guy’s trip)
2. New York (Pee Wee and Prince, quite the duo)
1. Haiti/Jamaica (Royal Caribbean)

Ok, that’s not 39 top five’s, but since I’m writing this on a holiday, they each count for 3x their normal value, so you got 13 of these, which helps fill my quota. In other words, I want to go watch the second half of the Rose Bowl and then the Winter Classic!

Everybody have a great 2011, let’s go Giants (and Bears) tomorrow!

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