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American Idol Recap – Austin

Any chance FOX would be kind enough to only give us one hour of Idol tonight so I can watch the Maryland/Duke game in full?  Nope, didn’t think so.  Hopefully I don’t get confused what I’m writing about while flipping between the two.  The judges, Jennifer Lopez and Coach K were really tough on the contestants tonight.  I can’t believe they didn’t put Jordan Williams thru to Hollywood, he’s got the voice and rebounding skills to be a superstar.

Whoa, everything’s coming up Millhouse tonight, Idol’s only one hour…hooray!  So it’s a mostly 10 words or less recap (especially for the terrible singers) followed by me swearing at the TV for the basketball game (for which there won’t be a blog about, since there’s a likelihood I toss my laptop into the fire by then).

We’re live coming from Austin tonight (that’s Austin not Boston, Tom Green – btw, where the hell is Tom Green now, should we be concerned?).  We get a black screen intro saying Idol apologizes for Steven Tyler’s outlandish behavior last week and promises that it won’t happen again…but guess what happens???  Yep, more outlandish behavior, who woulda thunk it.  On a side note, I’d like to apologize for my outlandish behavior last week.  True story, a relative of one of the failed contestants that I might have poked fun of last week, took offense to my comments, for that I’d like to say I’m sorry…I’m sorry you’re such a stupidhead.  I’ve got a very high maturity level.

Oh good, a Marc Anthony sighting…although he looked more like Skeletor in HD

*Corey Levoy – didn’t find his sister until he was 21 even though she lived right down the road.  hopefully he’ll find his singing voice some day soon.  Judges liked him for some reason, I guess sounding like a muppet gets you a ticket to Hollywood.  Maggie says “he’s got a big butt”  Good insight all around.

*Holly Cavanagh – my sound on my TV might be broken, b/c she sounded terrible.  Really judges?  Really Idol producers?  We needed a commercial break in between her performance and the judges’ decision? (I rarely say this, but Miley Cyrus sounds better)

Rodolfo Ochoa – Walt Disney no longer hates just jews.

*John Wayne Schulz – good name for a kid, must have been tough to choose between John Wayne and Meatloaf Schultz.  He should get thru just from his dad making fun of Ryan Seacrest, which is good b/c his voice isn’t strong enough for country.  Again, judges loving the contestants, but the 3 they’ve shown tonight have all been less than mediocre.  40 minutes til Maryland game.

*Courtney Penry – best one so far…even her chicken impersonation was solid.

*Shauntel Campos – only shown for 3 seconds, 3 seconds too long

*Alex Carr – only shown for 3 seconds, sounded too theatrical

*Caleb Johnson – sounded like a voice cross between Steve Perry and Sammy Hagar, that’s a good thing

*Jacqueline Dunford/Nick Fink – “we met in choir club at community college” – the backbone of any true love story.  Both have a little potential, she’s definitely better than him, but they’re not going to be the first ever Idol power couple.

*Janelle Arthur – Maggie said “she’s gonna be American Idol” before she even sang.  Not sure if that means she’s gonna win Idol or she epitomizes Idol.  Speaking of…I miss Janelle Wheeler.

Montage of bad auditions now…10 minutes til basketball, can’t get here fast enough.

*Casey Abrams – who knew Wil Ferrell/Seth Rogen clone could sing?

1. Casey Abrams
2. Caleb Johnson
3. Courtney Penry
4. Janelle Arthur
5. Jacqueline Dunford
6. Nick Fink
7. John Wayne Schulz
8. Shauntel Campos
9. Alex Carr
10. Corey Levoy
11. Holly Cavanagh

Check out the blog for previous auditions rounds (Nashville, Milwaukee, New Orleans, and Opening Night in Jersey)

4 Responses

  1. Caleb Johnson rocks!! Wish we could’ve seen more of him. Check him out on the youtube channel ‘djohnson8196’.

  2. I just wanted to correct something written about Corey Levoy. He and his sister met at 14 & 16. They are both loving and amazing people it is not nice to say ugly things about people you have never met.

  3. […] Los Angeles Posted on February 3, 2011 by jarrettfischer In case you missed it, click here for last night’s recap of the lackluster Austin show. Hopefully that’s the ringing […]

  4. […] Los Angeles Posted on February 3, 2011 by jarrettfischer In case you missed it, click here for last night’s recap of the lackluster Austin show. Hopefully that’s the ringing […]

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