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American Idol Recap – Top 100

After two-hours of group performances last night filled with drama, tension, tears and probably a mild case of diarrhea for some of these contestants, we’re left with 100 hopefuls hoping to become one of the 50 hopefuls to make it to next week, who will then become one of the 24 hopefuls to make it to the preliminary voting rounds to become one of 12 hopefuls to make it to the Kodak Theater to become one of 10 hopefuls to make the Idol summer tour to become one of 3 hopefuls to get to go home and celebrate with their family and friends to then maybe become an average-record selling Idol winner.  In other words, we’ll still mixing the Idol batter and this cake has yet to bake, but damn if it ain’t fun to lick the batter (unless it involves Tiffany Rios, shudder).

Last night saw one of my hopefuls, Rob Bolin, crack under the pressure and be sent home, so here’s my new Top 10 after Group Week.

CURRENT TOP TEN (Previous ranking in parenthesis)
1. Lauren Alaina (1)
2. Stefano Langone (2)
3. Deandre Brackensick (NR)
4. Casey Abrams (4)
5. Pia Toscano (NR)
6. Chris Medina (5)
7. Brett Loewenstern (10)
8. Clint Jun Gamboa (NR)
9. Denise Jackson (NR)
10. Matthew Nuss (NR)

Tonight each of the remaining contestants will have to give one more solo performance in front of the judges.  This is the biggest audition ever,

First up is Haley Reinhart who apparently butchered lyrics during the group week, gave a performance that sounded like the equivalent of a urinal flushing.  The judges loved it though, they must have dug her urinal cakes – whatever that means.

Ashthon Jones channels her inner-Jennifer Hudson and gives a second straight on-air performance.

Former top 10 choice Thia Megia shows it might have been a mistake for me to drop her out, but to be fair, Idol didn’t show her last night so I had no clue if she made it through, but at 15-years old, she’s got the chops of a savvy veteran.

Adrian Michael craps out on the melody as does Caleb Johnson, which apparently means being in my Top 10 might be a curse.

Frances Coontz, she of the thick black frame glasses, outdoes both Adrian/Caleb by forgetting the lyrics along with the melody.  But Clint Jun Gamboa, who’s donning the white frame glasses for those scoring at home does the best “Georgia on My Mind” since Matt Giraud a few seasons ago.

Never before seen Kendra Chantelle and Sophia Shorai also do the Ray Charles classic and it may be the best since Clint’s 30 seconds ago.  Don’t know where Sophia has been so far in this competition, but we need to see more of her ASAP, amazing!

Chris Medina and Carson Higgins who were partners last night are rivals tonight as both are doing Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative,” unless one of them is doing Britney version.  Carson goes first and never have the lyrics “they say I’m crazy” held so much weight.  Carson reminds me way too much of me after a few shots at karaoke, being able to mask a mediocre voice with showmanship.  Chris did a decent version with the acoustic guitar, but it lacked a little fire.

Uhhhh, there was a commercial for Scientology just on.  I’m official convinced the Mayans were right, the world is ending in 2012.

Julie Zorrilla continues to get a lot of air time for someone who really hasn’t wowed me yet with her vocals.  Her piano playing didn’t excite me either.  Now a harpsichord, that really gets my motor going.

Caleb Hawley shows some strength on the guitar to go along with a decent vocal, while Colton Dixon opts for the piano and is a bit whiny, although the judges seem to approve.  Rising star Brett Loewenstern continues to impress by adding the guitar to his repertoire, while Robbie Rosen seemed to stop trending downward as his piano playing and vocals were spot on.  Although it’s starting to bother me how much he looks like a young Ralph Macchio.

In an Idol first, Casey Abrams breaks out the stand-up bass and correction, this is the best and most memorable Idol version of “Georgia On My Mind.”  Sick, absolutely sick and strategically genius.

Chelsee Oaks seems distraught because her new BFF Jacqueline Dunford is terribly ill and is going to the hospital and has bowed out of the competition (Jacqueline, not Chelsee).  She’s also crying b/c she says Jacqueline is her best friend in the whole world. Um, didn’t they just meet like a week ago?

Oh good, Old Navy’s back with annoying commercials, and now they’re using some Kardashian look alike.

Front-runner Lauren Alaina decides to play it safe and do “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.”  Not a big fan of when contestants re-do songs that the judges have already heard, but she still nails it.

Jacob Lusk, who the judges fawned over last night, causes the judges to fawn again with his gospel/jazz/blues rendition of “God Bless The Child” and has all but locked up a place in the Top 24.  Then in a touching moment he breaks down in tears in his mother’s arms afterwards, very touching.

Sucks for whoever has to follow that, and it’s John Wayne Schulz and it’s ok, he’s got a good country voice but it was a little bland.  And the exact opposite is crazy Ashley Sullivan who botches the lyrics not just once, not just twice, but thrice and if this doesn’t end her time here on Idol, then I’m convinced she’s only being kept around because she’s an “emotional time bomb” as Seacrest calls her.

The Adjustment Bureau looks like it could be a killer movie, except the title just irks me for some reason.  Is it too late to change it?  I have no suggestions on what it could be, but I’d be happy with anything else except Spice World 2.

Stefano Langone who hasn’t been shown much recently, re-affirms his high ranking with me, while Jovany Barreto re-affirms why I haven’t put him my top 10.  And what may be the last time, Jacee Badeaux sings the aptly named “Time Of My Life” and you can sense he means it, but I don’t believe it’ll be good enough to carry on.  At least he has his role on Two and a Half Men whenever Sheen sobers up.

“Nuts of Wonder” Scotty McCreery and Tatynisa Wilson get swallowed up in their lyrics and it’s probably the last we’ll see of them.  Coincidentally it’s the first I’ve seen of Tatynisa, no love lost there.

And now what I consider the least suspenseful part of the season when the contestants are split up and put into 4 different rooms.  But it’s always obvious which rooms are safe.

Room 1 has Chris Medina, Keisha Lewis, Alex Ryan and Liam Neesom.  Oh, nevermind, they went a commercial.  Fresh off of Taken, I’m ready to see Unknown and Neesom kick some ass again.

Also in room 1 are Ashely Sullivan, Brett Loewenstern, Jacee Badeaux, Robbie Rosen, Jacob Lusk, Caleb Hawley, Clint Jun Gamboa, Casey Abrams, Lauren Alaina and James Durbin.  This room is obviously safe, although I question Ashley and Jacee making it this far.  But glad to see 5 of my top 10 already safe.

Room 2 has Corey Levoy, Frances Coontz, Shane Jordan and Brielle Von Hugel.  They and the other 20 people are all sent home.  I shed no tears.

Chelsee Oaks and Mark Gutierrez lead Room 3 and before I even get the chance to predict their doom, Seacrest narrates that their also all going home. Wow, that was anti-climatic.  I also don’t recognize anyone else that got the boot.

Which means good news for Room 4 and hopefuls Thia Megia, Naima Adedapo, Lauren Harris, Carson Higgins, Jovany Barreto, Rachel Zavita, Julie Zorilla and Scottie McCreery (really???).

That’s it for this week, the remaining contestants have to tackle the Beatles next week in what looks to be an awesome final episode before the Top 24 is announced.  Until then, enjoy Bones.  Or watch something else, I don’t really care.

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