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American Idol Recap – Top 11 Perform

My apologies for missing last week’s Idol recap…actually I’m not sorry, I watched it a few days ago and it was pretty atrocious.  Not sure anyone stood out (maybe Stefano), but plenty of them would have gotten a D+ or worse (I’m talking to you Haley, Naima, Jacob, Casey and the recently departed Karen Rodriguez).  Let this be a lessen to you Idol hopefuls…if you dress like Snooki, you’re going to get voted off the show.

Tonight starts off as the screen is black and white with Seacrest (aka Peaches) telling us to not adjust our TV sets, because it’s MOTOWN night on Idol (again for the 10th straight season…let’s get some original theme nights already).  So if this is true Motown night, will Jacob and Naima sing tomorrow instead of tonight in a special episode just for them?  Too soon?

Anyway, with no prejudice, here’s how I have the Top 11 ranked going into this week…

1. Lauren Alaina (1)
2. Pia Toscano (3)
3. Casey Abrams (2)
4. Thia Megia (5)
5. Stefano Langone (6)
6. Paul McDonald (4)
7. Scott McCreery (7)
8. James Durbin (9)
9. Naima Adedapo (8)
10. Jacob Lusk (10)
11. Haley Reinhart (12)

My only prediction for tonight…Scotty, who’s completely out of his element tonight, sings “My Girl” as that’s suited for his voice.  Jennifer Lopez says there are so many great songs of Motown, that you can’t go wrong.  Too bad we can’t say the same thing about her makeup artist.  It looks like she’s got lime green jello for eyelids.  Oooh, Liv Tyler’s in the audience tonight, where’s Alicia Silverstone?

Casey Abrams (“I Heard It Thru The Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye) – this should be a solid theme for the Growler, could be a classic if we get the dancin’ raisins as backup for him.  Pretty good rendition that had the feel of modern Motown, but I’m sensing two problems here with Casey.  First, I think he’s very limited in what he can sing, every performance he’s done so far is essentially a carbon copy of the previous one.  Second, I’m starting to get this Taylor Hicks with a beard vibe from him, and that can’t lead anywhere good.


Peaches gives a shoutout to Brad Whitford, guitarist for Aerosmith who’s in the audience tonight.  I’d like to give a shoutout to Bradley Whitford, evil Erik from Billy Madison, for being a weasel and trying to blackmail the Revolting Blob.

Thia Megia – (“Heat Wave” by Martha and the Vandellas) – good to finally see Thia do something outside of a Disney ballad.  It’s not really a song that brings much to the table, but then again she was also negative-30 years old when Motown was around, so we can’t really fault her for not grasping the essence of it all.


Eww, Kirsten Dunst is in the audience. We’re gonna need Steven Tyler to perform an exorcism tonight.

Jacob Lusk – (“You’re All I Need To Get By” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell) – I’m not sure who’s singing this song, Jacob or the backup singers who are overpowering him in the chorus?  Um, Steven Tyler ran up on stage to hug Jacob after this song.  Really?  This was good, but it wasn’t THAT good, come on, are we that desperate to cram fake talent down our throats?  I’m sorry folks, but either the judges are drinking the Paula Abdul kool-aid, or they were told by the producers to highly praise Jacob tonight like he’s the second coming of Marvin Gaye.


Lauren Alaina – (“You Keep Me Hangin On” by The Supremes) – good performance with a high degree of difficulty for walking around in a long-length zebra dress.  Much better than her clunker of Shania Twain from two weeks ago and surprisingly, even though she’s the southern belle, she definitely felt at home doing Motown.


Stefano Langone – (“Hello” by Lionel Richard) – does this count as Motown if it was done in the 1980s?  Also, tough shoes to fill here as David Cook put himself on the map a few seasons ago with his rendition of this song.  Wasn’t too shabby, and Maggie gets the gold star of the night by saying he sounds like a Latino David Archuleta.  Well she didn’t say Latino, I added that in there just so we don’t get the two of them confused.  Although shouldn’t be too difficult, one’s performing on TV every week in Hollywood and the other is performing at the Gainesville City Fair right next to the caramel apple stand.


Haley Reinhart – (“You Really Got a Hold On Me” by Smokey Robinson) – Haley’s goal this week is to not be in the Bottom 3 again.  Good news, bad news Miss Reinhart.  Bad news is, you’ll have to endure the bottom 3 one more week.  The good news is you won’t ever have to worry about being in the bottom 3 after this week.  For those of you who are slow, that’s my roundabout way of saying she’s getting vote off this week.


Scotty McCreery – (“For Once In My Life” by Stevie Wonder) – not upset that I was wrong about my prediction as this is me and Maggie’s song.  Don’t ruin it for us, Scotty!!!  Yep, he ruined it.  Started off promising, but unfortunately this doesn’t work as a country song.  Also, what was up with Scotty throwing out gang hand gestures throughout the song?  All in all, I appreciate the effort, but the delivery wasn’t all there.


Pia Toscano – (“All In Love Is Fair” by Stevie Wonder) – Pia, you know I love ya, but stop singing these ballads and do something with a little more flavor to it.  Move around a little, all you do is stand there and sing.  If your lack of movement is any indication what you’re like in bed, I might have to re-think our secret tryst.  Oh, the singing was good in case I forgot to mention that.


Paul McDonald – (“Tracks Of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson) – whereas Scotty’s song didn’t really work as a country version, Paul’s song definitely checked in as a whatever genre he is.  He might run into the same problems as Casey and not have much overall range, but at least he hinted at a more vulnerable side tonight in his performance/


Naima Adedapo – (“Dancing In The Streets” by Martha in the Vandellas) – I’m going to be biased here and say based on her pre-performance video that showed her breaking into African-dance during her song, she’s a lock for the bottom 3.  Unless it’s the African Anteater Ritual from Can’t Buy Me Love – you all know what I’m talking about.  Actually the vocals were one of her best, and it might have been enough to stay out of the bottom 3 after all.


James Durbin – (“Living For The City” by Stevie Wonder) – ummm, first 10 seconds there was no sounds…thanks FOX DC 5.  From what I did hear, this was an interesting performance as I fully expected him to oversing but he kept in control the whole time before unleashing his usual fury at the end.  I’m still waiting for his tourette’s to kick in while singing…maybe that’s why I had no sound the first 10 seconds.


Overall, another average night, a little better than last week.  Still waiting for another breakout performance as we’ve been lacking that for about a month now.

Definitely Safe: Lauren Alaina, Pia Toscano and James Durbin

Has Enough Fans To Save Them: Casey Abrams  and Scotty McCreery

Wouldn’t Be Shocked To See Go Home: Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald and Jacob Lusk

Bottom Three: Haley Reinhart, Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia

Going Home Prediction: Haley Reinhart

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