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    • SNL just blew the opening Charlie Sheen skit. Going to bed instead of watching this unfunny show. #winning 9 years ago
    • Best idea I've heard so far this week - have Charlie Sheen host next year's Oscars. Highest ratings ever! 9 years ago
    • I still can't believe that Kathryn Bigelow directed Point Break. I am an EFF-BEE-EYE agent. #oscars 9 years ago
    • Wow, first the Globes and now the Oscars fail to recognize Corey Haim. Feldman's gonna be pissed. 9 years ago
    • After loss to #knicks, Miami Heat now 14-15 against teams with a .500 record or better #justsayin 9 years ago

Fischer’s Friday Five

Unfortunately I have a previous scheduled conflict (March Madness), so I’ve invited a guest blogger this week. You know him better as….uh….well, you probably don’t know him. His name is Adam Kramer, he’s a co-worker of mine, and an avid fan of the blog and all things Don Johnson related. Take it away Kramer….

The late 80s and early part of the 90s were a wonderful time in my life. The Mets won the World Series thanks to Bill Buckner. Voltron and Transformers were on TV just about every morning. The world hadn’t ostracized the fast food industry yet for being god-awful for you, therefore my parents had no qualms about shutting me up by stuffing McDonalds down my throat. But most importantly, it was the golden age of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I remember it vividly in December of 1987. My uncle was down from Jersey for my brother’s Bar Mitzvah in South Florida. He had told me that he had brought a Hanukkah gift for my brother and I, but we had to wait until that night to get it. Now, my brother and I had annoyed our parents with the type of agonizing pain I imagine an Agnostic person would get sitting in the same room with Tim Tebow for an hour to buy us the Sega Entertainment System. NOT Sega Genesis, but the SES. For whatever reason we thought it had better graphics and games than the Nintendo. Thankfully my uncle had the balls of steel to basically tell my parents, “Don’t get them that piece of {expletive deleted}.”

While Nintendo flourished like the Cherry Blossoms of DC, the SES became a worse one-hit wonder than whatever band that sang “Come on Ilene”. (EDITOR’S NOTE: How can you forget Dexy’s Midnight Runner? Come on Kramer!) In any event, all of this leads to my Kramerica’s Five Favorites aka The Fischer Friday Five that Jarrett was too lazy to do. (EDITOR’S NOTE AGAIN: He’s right, I chose basketball over blogging, plus I was really tired from that K. State/Xavier game).

I’m Not Fischer, but it’s Friday, and here’s my five…

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